My duties as a wife.

02 May

I know most of you are going to say that I’m setting the standard too high, or that I’m conforming to my gender role; but seven days after I got married, I woke up from a power nap at 3 am and amongst doing some cleaning, and getting rid of some old photos that were begging to be deleted, I made bread.
Vegan bread.
Kneaded it myself and everything, it’s rising as we speak, rather as I type.

We talked a lot about marriage roles in our counseling classes prior to tying the knot (which me did, quite literally.) I’m all about women’s rights and the great things that women have accomplished in the workplace, but I’m a bit more old fashion. If we could afford for me to stay at home and be the manager of the household. Man, I would be livin’ the dream. I know it’s awful, but I don’t mind being in the kitchen and making babies (not at the same time of course.) I believe I would have the decipline to stay focused on keeping the home mantained and still have time for hobbies, which, lets face it, wouldn’t really be hobbbies but more means of enjoyment, which may lead to extra income.

But I’m diverting from the point.

When I was kneading that bread. I felt a connection to an art that was once lost. One, I believe, that would be grouped with things like doing the dishes by hand with your kids, or sitting by the fire and reading a book, or enjoying time around the radio.
Okay, I wasn’t around for the gathering around the radio for entertaiment, but I’ll tell you the truth, I do turn on by local AM news radio station and listen to that while I clean or bake.

Try it sometime. When you have the chance to use a piece of technology, think of how it was done first. Where we’ve come from, and more greatly appreciate where we are as a culture, or loathe it for how far we’ve strayed from our original values.

As a wife, I tend to keep those values of a simpler time. Times of thrift and conservation, and sustainability. Not a disposable, unconnected world.

Take the time to.. observe ALL the technology you use in one day, and try to think of how that task was originally accomplished. Maybe give it a try?


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