Top 20 Least Green U.S Companies

02 Dec

I debated calling this list “The top 20 least green companies“.. ‘on US soil.
Most likely, but who’s to say that these companies don’t have a factory/headquarters destroying resources on someone else’s soil?

While investigating this list, I notices that most of these companies are the kind of companies that you never hear of, the ones that are behind the scenes in the service industry rather than the ‘in your face’ retail and advertising market. Just because we’re not bomb-barred with their advertisements doesn’t make them any less existant. It seems like companies don’t have a brand attached to them slip silently under the radar, able to avoid any embarrassing P.R or bad press.

Just so your informed, they’re there; and they’re not doing good things for our planet.

    1. T. Rowe Price Group, A financial investing group, most likely on this list due to the ungodly amount of wasted paper that most financial institutions use.
    2. BlackRock, “BlackRock is a truly global enterprise combining worldwide reach with localized service to help clients achieve a better financial future.” (Financial investing)
    3. Monsanto,Working to create ‘sustainable’ agriculture. Creators of Round-Up®Weed killer. Honestly, what they do reminds me of the world of ‘Brawndo’ in the movie ‘Idiocracy’
    4. Invesco, Financial.. things..   When I went to their main webpage, it redirected me to a site about a law suite settlement of Invesco vs. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission. humm..
    5. CONSOL Energy, Energy development and servies. By the looks of the website, it seems like they’re doing a hell of a lot to get OFF this list. The home page advertises for paperless statement options, solar energy initiatives, information about electric cars and how the company is “Going Green”!
    6. Archer-Daniels-Midland, This company is behind mass producing feed for livestock (corn) and other biolfeuls (corn.) I’m sure they do more than corn, but their website is worded so legally that you can only tell what field their in (pun intended) but I can’t tell exactly what they do.
    7. Ameren, Power company.
    8. Bunge, “Bunge Brazil has recently updated its Sustainability Report” is the first banner you see on their website. So it looks like their also trying to become a bit more green. It’s humorously frustrating seeing these companies summaries and how vague they are. Part of me thinks they don’t know what their company actually does.
      “Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf.”
    9. Peabody Energy, The world’s largest private-sector coal company and a global leader in clean coal solutions. Peabody’s coal products fuel 10 percent of all U.S. and 2 percent of worldwide electricity generation. Giant coal company, doesn’t take an environmental scientist to explain why that’s not green.
    10. Ralcorp Holdings, It looks like that Ralcorp does is manufacture? or distribute? or create raw material for? cereal. Mostly generic store brands, but also Post Cereals.
    11. FirstEnergy, Energy provider.
    12. SCANA, Energy provider.
    13. Mead Johnson Nutrition, A children’s milk and formula manufacturing company. How sad is it that a company that makes the formula that we give to our babies is so harmful to the environment. What are they putting in there?
    14. PPL, Energy provider.
    15. Ameriprise Financial, surprise, surprise.
    16. Tyson Foods, The largest meat processing company in the WORLD. Owning 28% of the meat-market
    17. AES, Power company.
    18. Edison International, Power company.
    19. Allegheny Technologies, Creates specially metals.
    20. KeyCorp, Fiancees and banking.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could reform the energy system and eliminate the eight energy companies that are doing the worst for our country? Wouldn’t developing a new energy source generate new jobs? 
Wouldn’t it be great…

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